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North Sewickley Township

"Families growing together for the future"

This website has been designed to incorporate all aspects of the Township and keep you informed every step of the way. In this one website you will find everything you need to know about the community you live in. Communication is a key to success and your voice matters. Please take time to attend Township and Authority meetings. If we work together, our future is bright! 

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Bologne Valley Road is closed as of 10/9/2023 due to a bridge replacement project and water line relocation for North Sewickley TownshipPlease use alternate routes and obey road closed signs.
11/16/23 Update - Water line has been relocated and testing has been performed. The contractor is waiting on materials for the bridge replacement. Once the materials are in, the project will continue. We are anticipating up to two more months of road closure at this time. 

General Information

North Sewickley was formed in 1801 when the former Sewickley Township was divided into New Sewickley and North Sewickley. In 1845, North Sewickley's geographic size was reduced by the creation of three new townships Marion, Wayne, and Perry from it's territory. The township lost more land in 1892 when Eastvale Borough was incorporated and in 1918 when the Borough annexed South Ellwood.

Population: approximately 5,488
Square Miles: 21.12
Road System: 38.52

State Roads: 29.65

School District: Riverside Beaver County School District

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