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Tax Collector

Process of Unpaid Taxes in the Township

Unpaid Per Capita:

  • Any unpaid per capita taxes are turned over to both Sharp Collections (Township portion of $2) and Berkheimer (School portion of $13) in July of each year. Residents will receive separate notices from both agencies and are responsible to pay them directly. The Tax Collector cannot collect any delinquent taxes once they are turned over to these agencies. It is the resident's responsibility to notify the Tax Collector if they move out of the Township.



Unpaid Fire Protection, Fire Hydrant and Street Light:

  • Any unpaid fire protection, fire hydrant, and street light taxes, which are included in the total of each year's Township Real Estate tax bill, are collected by Sharp Collections, not Beaver County Tax Claim Bureau, in April of each year. Residents will receive a separate bill for these taxes and are responsible to pay Sharp Collections directly. 

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